Everything you need to know about tourist taxes in Catalonia

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If you want to get to know new cultures, there isn’t a better way than buying a ticket and visiting different countries and cities. But many of us take these trips without knowing that, some destinations, have tourist taxes.

Culture, history and fun come together in Catalonia to offer tourists unforgettable days and, sometimes without knowing, tourists organize trips to this city without contemplating the payment of the tourist tax. Don’t be scared though, it’s not like you are going to go bankrupt. It’s a tax used as financing for the tourist promotion of the place.

As travelers, many times we have found a note in the reservation of a hotel in which we are informed about this local tax, and many of us have to deal with this news before receiving the room.

The tax per person in Cataolina ranges from 0.45 to 2.25 euros per day and the amount will depend on the tourist’s accommodation. There are other places in Europe that also apply these taxes such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, Malta, Paris, Prague, Rome and Vienna.

How much does a tourist have to pay and where?

This tax was launched by the Generalitat in November 2012 and  to all people who make tourism in the region up to a maximum of seven days. Children under 17 don’t need to do this payment.

There are two types of tourists: those who stay in Barcelona and those who stay in another place in Catalonia. They are also classified according to the different accommodation categories. So, how much does a tourist pay?

  • In five star or luxury accommodations:

In Barcelona 2.25 euros per person per day, and in the rest of Catalonia 2.25 euros per person per day.

  • In four star accommodations:

In Barcelona 1.10 euros per person per day, and in the rest of Catalonia 0.90 euros per person per day.

  • In tourist apartments, Airbnb, HomeAway, and similar ones:

In Barcelona 2.25 euros per person per day, and in the rest of Catalonia 0.90 euros per person per day.

  • In the rest of the accommodations, where the campsite is included:

In Barcelona 0.65 euros per person per day, and in the rest of Catalonia, 0.45 euros per person per day.

  • On cruise ships:

In Barcelona 0.65 euros per person with less than 12 hours of stay and 2.25 euros per person and staying longer than 12 hours, and in the rest of Catalonia 2.25 euros per person per day.

Sustainable tourism

Barcelona, the Catalan capital, offers inhabitants and visitors spectacular sunsets. Both the elements of progress and modernism as well as bohemian and history are mixed in its streets. It’s a perfect destination for travelers with high expectations.

That is why, for a few years, the payment of the tourist tax in Catalonia was implemented as a strategy to move towards sustainable tourism. The money raised is willing to improve infrastructures, services and other projects in the cultural field.

You should also know

The tourist tax in Catalonia is a tax that allows the region to continue pleasing the most demanding tourists. And, as a visitor, it’s a way of giving back to the place that opened the doors to all its attractions.

This year, Barcelona invested more than half of its 2017 tourist rate in urban improvements in the city. In total, it raised more than five million euros and specifically allocated 2 million 518 thousand 777 euros in these projects. Another 641 thousand 614 euros were for projects related to heritage and culture.

With the funds of this tax, among other actions, some of the things that have been achieved are:

– Improving the circulation of urban buses around summer.

– Pilot test to signal spaces of interest in the Sant Andreu district.

– Improvements in the Ciutadella park.

– Arrangements in the accesses and signs of Collserola.

– Preliminary project to repair its fountains

The cultural field has also been privileged with projects such as the Festa Catalana 2017, a concert by the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and the museumization of the anti-aircraft shelter of the Torre de la Sagrera..

The tourist tax in Catalonia will no longer be a surprise at the counter with the help of this guideline. It’s time to pack your bags and take a promising trip.