guide to relocating in catalonia

Guide To Relocating in Catalonia

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If you’re planning about coming to live to Catalonia, if you already got
to know the city and enjoyed its wonders even for one moment, but
enough for you to say: “this will be my next destination”, then you will
need some guidance so you can know more about this community.

In this guide you will find:

  1. Documents Required to Reside In Spain
  2. Barcelona, A City Full of Charm
  3. List of things you want to do and see in Barcelona
  4. The Most Emblematic Neighborhoods of Barcelona
  5. Living in Catalonia Beyond Barcelona
  6. Public transportation in Catalonia
  7. The Best Schools In Catalonia
  8. The best universities in Catalonia
  9. The business world in Catalonia
  10. Consulates of Catalonia
  11. Important holidays in Catalonia

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