Costa Dorada, a place you should know

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If your vacation is approaching or you just want a weekend of relaxation and a little bit of sun, beach and sand in your feet, then here you’ll find recommendations that are worthwhile. It is time for you to know a fascinating place.

A Coast as valuable as gold

It is one of the best known coasts of Catalonia and only 92 km from Barcelona. It is located in the province of Tarragona, in the middle of the sea and the mountains, surrounded by quiet villages and very attractive natural areas.

Its name, Costa Dorada, alludes to the appearance of the fine golden sands, when it receives the rays of the sun, which together with its crystalline waters, makes it an attractive tourist destination.

In this dream place you will find a range of different options for enjoyment and among them are beaches of excellent quality, Costa Dorada has everything from small coves to beaches of fine sand and shallow, there are centric if you don’t want to get away much from the city and others farther from the urban hustle.

More than 60 beaches to choose from

We must first mention Salou, municipality of Terragona and one of the most important tourist destinations in the Costa Dorada, so much so that it is considered its capital.

Salou has 4 beaches and several other coves, with clean and calm waters, most are a step away from the center and are easily accessible, and have rescue posts.

Levante beach: is one of the main and busiest beaches of Salou, has all the services and amenities, along the beach you will find hammock rentals, umbrellas, variety of beach bars, playgrounds, all this for you to enjoy with family and especially with children.

Ponent Beach: crystal clear and shallow water, surrounded by palm trees, rental service hammock and loungers, it also has the rental of amphibious chairs for people with reduced mobility.

Beach of the Chaplains: 200 meters long, visited by tourists and locals, from one end you can access the Camino de Ronda, which is a hiking trail from which you reach small coves and cliffs.

 Larga Beach: is a beach a little away from the center, with golden sands, crystal clear waters, a very quiet place surrounded by pine trees, it has rental of hammocks, awnings and sun loungers, even skate rental if you want to walk the marine walk that limits it. And if you like to practice water sports, then this is the right beach for you.

After Salou there are many other beaches that are very good options in Cambrils, most of them have blue flag, ensuring its quality in all its aspects, among the best are:

The Regueral beach: one of the most popular beaches, surrounded by the promenade, with excellent facilities, with all the services, lifeguards and a host of activities so you do not have time to get bored.

Cavet beach: considered as one of the best beaches in Cambrils, it has good services and facilities, this beach is ideal for paddle surfing, windsurfing and if you want to learn diving they have the Glups school.

La Llosa Beach: it is a quiet beach, with magnificent services and where you can enjoy the typical Mediterranean cuisine, there you will find chiringuitos in the sand and at street level, as good restaurants to delight you with their delicious menus.

But be assured that to any of the beaches that you fence, either in these two municipalities or in others like Vendrell or Calafells you are going to have a great time.

And what can be done outside the water?

Costa Dorada is not only sun and beach, as it is also rich in cultural and historical legacy, it has been declared a World Heritage Site because it has the extraordinary archaeological site of Tarraco, dating back to the Roman era. that a large number of objects and sculptures are preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Tarragona.

History Museum of Tarragona: here is a model that reconstructs the Roman city and allows to locate on the ground the Roman buildings and monuments to visit.

Located in the El Pallol Cultural Center No. 3, in the Old Court. Admission is free.

 Walls of Tarragona: they surround the old part of the city, it is an archaeological walk with beautiful gardens, there you will walk in the middle of the Roman and medieval walls that protected the city in its time

Three towers, the Cabiscol, the Archbishop and the Minerva tower, which is the most historically significant because it has the oldest sculptures and Roman inscriptions in the Iberian Peninsula, are also in good condition.

The walls can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday.

Roman Circus of Tarragona: it is a building in ruins partly in the open air and underground part of a Roman circus of the 1st century. Its most attractive element is the area that is underground and the vaults that support the stands.

The visits are from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Roman Amphitheater: it is one of the most visited monuments because of the history it has, since here the shows and recreations of gladiatorial fights were held.

The view of the amphitheater is wonderful as well, having a backdrop to the Mediterranean Sea.

Necropolis of Tarragona: it is the funerary set of the most significant Roman period in the Mediterranean. In this place you can see various tombs from simple amphoras, to more elaborate mausoleums.

Fun at its maximum

Now, if what you want is more fun for you and your family, Costa Dorada has it for you and in that range of options that it offers you, you can not miss one of its most striking tourist attractions, the Port Aventura theme park.

This is a theme park by the sea, considered the best in Spain, it has 5 themed areas, Polynesia, China, Far West, Mediterranean and Mexico, plus an area only for children, Sésamo Adventure.

It also has water parks, the Caribbean Coast and Aquopolis.

Ferrari Land: is a theme park located within the tourist complex of Port Aventura World, having one of the highest roller coasters in Europe, it also has a reproduction of the Roman Colosseum and a family racing circuit with a track of 570 meters.

And if you are a lover of nature and sports, we suggest the following places:

Within its natural areas include the Natural Paratge d’Interès Nacional de Poblet, the forests of the Prades mountains and the Parc Natural de Montsant.

Also to keep you more active and play sports, Costa Dorada offers everything from wide golf courses, climbing, hiking and roads for cycling routes and of course, water sports.

So now it is easy to understand why it is given the name Costa Dorada, and it is not only because of the color of its sand, but simply because the moments you live in it will be worth as much as gold.