8 reasons why you will love living in Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the most desirable European cities to live thanks the combination of different cultures and structures found in it. It’s a mix of a cosmopolitan city and a multicultural one, where their customs and traditions are maintained over time.

With a Mediterranean climate where you can enjoy almost all the year of a good weather and green areas that provide a peaceful environment with a connection to nature. This city always presents you with a range of opportunities at all levels, academic, professional, cultural and above all in quality of life that make it a place ideal to spend more than a vacation:

1-. Its educational method

Barcelona offers an excellent proposal at a professional and educational level, it has a variety of universities, both private and public, in which you will find one of the best universities in Spain, the Pompeu Fabra University.

It offers you post-graduate business schools and excellent schools of design and fashion as well, and their schools are also high quality for the education of children and teenagers.

2-. Public transport

It is very easy to move around the city since it has comfortable and fast public transportation with multiple services to expedite the transfer from one place to another, the means of transport that is used the most is the subway because of its speed and extension.

They also have more than a 100 buses, rail and tram lines, and all these can be used simultaneously in a simple and economical way.

Other means of transport are taxis and bicycles, the bicycle service is an optional urban public transport for locals and tourists who wish to make a more ecological and sporty travel.

3-. Sanitary Service

In Barcelona, ​​the health system provides a great service, with countless health centers, medical care, with excellent infrastructures, doctors, nurses and professionals.

It has hospitals that have been valued internationally, as in the case of Hospital Vall d’Hebron, which has the best professionals in medicine and has all the specialties.

4-. Weather

Barcelona offers one of the most pleasant weathers since it is located on the coast Mediterranean, you will enjoy a very pleasant average temperature during the year, winters are brief and summer is sufficiently acceptable.

It is for this reason that, because of this comfortable weather, you will always be willing to take time out to enjoy its mountains and especially its beaches.

5-. Its beaches and mountains

Living in this city is an invitation to live a comfortable outdoor experience, it will always make you take time to enjoy the golden beaches of Barcelona which are only 10 minutes away from the city center.

You can choose depending on your taste and disposition, some are quiet and familiar, others more crowded and hectic, but there will always be a beach that will make you forget a little about work and daily routines.

And if we talk about its mountains, this beautiful city offers several options of parks that offer their visitors a haven of tranquility and peace, an example of this is the mountain of Montserrat.

6- Culture and art

If you are one of those who enjoys art and culture, then you are in the right city, In fact the UNESCO declared World Heritage some buildings that are part of the rooting of this city.

You will regularly find a wide range of activities where you can choose between a good program of theater, dance or music, as well as good exhibitions of contemporary art that can be offered by the different museums of the city.


Barcelona has one of the best gastronomy in the world because it always counts with fresh and quality products that integrate food from the sea, the mountains and crops or orchards.

This city is characterized for having good markets, among the most outstanding you can find the Boquería, where they work daily to offer customers products of excellence, with great variety and above all very fresh, for the making of delicious dishes that Catalan cuisine offers us.

8 -. Entertainment

If entertainment and fun are concerned, Barcelona is a point of reference because there are plenty of ways to spend some time with friends, family or just alone.

During most of the year they offer festivals and concerts, so you must keep an eye on the calendar, but if you want to have a few drinks, taste some Delicious tapas or dance the night away, you’ll find in each neighborhood of the city nightclubs and bars with different environments and for all tastes and styles.

If you want to move to another country or city, don’t hesitate to go to Barcelona, ​​a international city, one that preserves its traditions and customs, where there’s always something to do and where you will never get bored.