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Barcelona, Sitges, Casteldefells relocation
Barcelona, Sitges, Casteldefells relocation


You decided to take the plunge or was asked to move to Barcelona.

Well who can blame you and you chose well !

The sun always shines here, shopping and nightlife is good and Barcelona offers a lifestyle some can only

dream of!!

To make sure your relocation experience goes to plan, click our Read More sections

and let us make the BEST experience of your move !

BCN4U  take care of it all

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Barcelona, Sitges, Casteldefells relocation

Orientation Tours

Not a 100% sure if you want to take that BIG step yet?. Don’t fear BCN4U can take you on a little tour

and familiarise you with the surroundings, we know the In’s and outs of the City and outskirts.

On this tour you will get to know how everything works, where to go, how to get around, the best food, and you could probably learn a few Spanish

words along the way too !!! You will be a Pro by the end of this tour.

These tours are based per area, so if you really want to see a lot, we suggest your stay a day or two.

Let us know what you need and we will put a tour together just for you!

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Barcelona, Sitges, Casteldefells relocation

Rent or Buy House/Flat

BCN4U also offers properties for Rent and or For Sale

You don’t have to be relocating to Rent or Buy through us.

We have a select choice of properties available and should we not have what you are looking for,

don’t fear we also work along other Approved Agencies and will make sure we find

what you are looking for be it renting or buying.

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BCN4U offers an All- Inclusive Relocation experience tailored to our clients needs. Our services include Company relocations, Executives, Individuals and Families. Full support and guidance during every step of the relocation process. No stone is left unturned


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Barcelona, Sitges, Casteldefells relocation


BCN4U as an Agency specialises in Relocation services. Our clients are Executives and or families from abroad either moving here willingly or transferred by their organisations on assignment in Barcelona.

We have you covered all the way, from searching for your new home, schools for your children, arranging your move to getting you connected, we have your back !. Feel free to contact us and let us know where and how we can help you. With our tailored relocation packages we will have you settled in no time, headache free !.

Our satisfied customers

“We wanted to thank Sonia at BCN4U for her amazing work with our move to Barcelona from the UK.  She has been brilliant at listening to our concerns and cheerfully conquering the various obstacles of obtaining NIEs, finding a suitable home and even a reliable secondhand car, (to name just a few)   There is no way we could have managed this without her input and support, it has been so reassuring to have her alongside us as we make the move.  Thank you!”

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